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|caption =
|caption =
|sex = Male
|sex = Male
|game = The Sims 3: World Adventures
|age = Young Adult
|age = Young Adult
|trait1 = Loves the Outdoors
|trait1 = Loves the Outdoors

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Albert Fouchier
The Sims 3 World Adventures Logo.png
Name Albert Fouchier
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Romances Estelle Fouchier (wife)
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Eveline Fouchier (daughter), Henri Fouchier (son)
Trait Loves the Outdoors small.png Loves the Outdoors
Trait Natural Cook small.png Natural Cook
Trait Excitable small.png Excitable
Trait Snob small.png Snob
Trait Lucky small.png Lucky
Lifetime wish
LTW Illustrious Author.png Illustrious Author
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav Grilled Salmon.png Grilled Salmon
Fav Blue.png Blue
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3.jpg Brown
Skin color Tan skin-TS3.png Tan
Other Information
Game TS3WA Icon.png The Sims 3: World Adventures
Playability Foreign townie
World Champs Les Sims

Albert Fouchier (pronounced al·bare foo·she·ay in French) is a young adult sim from the The Sims 3: World Adventures. He lives with his wife and children in Champs Les Sims. He is 21 days from becoming an adult. He has 7 points in cooking, 5 points in gardening and 9 points in nectar making.

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