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File:Worldadventures 5.JPG|A man charming a snake- Possibly another skill/activity.
File:Worldadventures 5.JPG|A man charming a snake- Possibly another skill/activity.
File:Al Simhara.JPG|The Center of Al Simhara
File:Al Simhara.JPG|The Center of Al Simhara
File:Tomb.JPG|A Sim entering the pyramid
File:Tomb 2.JPG
File:Tomb 2.JPG
File:Tomb-Secrate Door.JPG
File:Tomb-Secrate Door.JPG
File:Mummy 1.JPG
File:Mummy 1.JPG|A mummy
File:Mummy 2.JPG
File:Mummy 2.JPG

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Al Simhara is a pre-made destination sub-neighborhood introduced in The Sims 3: World Adventures along with Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims.

Al Simhara All
'Al Simhara, Egypt is a land of exploration, danger, and archeological thrills. Sims venturing to this rugged locale are sure to find excitement in exploring tombs or hunting for lost treasure within ancient structures such as the Great Pyramids or Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.'


Al Simhara is an ancient land girt against a river, full of magic and mystery. It is a land of mummies, pyramids, and crocodiles. It is found in Egypt and features activities and items drawn from Egyptian culture. The name is a reference to the Sahara Desert of Egypt. This town features fully explorable tombs and hidden tombs, including famous Egyptian landmarks such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Sims can explore these landmark tombs, thereby undertaking adventures. The company MorcuCorp features strongly in these adventures. It is an excellent subhood for Sims to improve their Photography skill. There are numerous premade families in Al Simhara, although they all unfortunately lack description texts. An Egyptian trip costs §1600 for the first Sim and §1000 for each additional Sim.


  • At night a gentle glow lights up at the bases of the Pyramids.
  • The entire neighbourhood is so hot that there is a visible heat haze during the daylight hours.
  • Another mine monster is found here, in addition to those in Sunset Valley, Riverview, and Twinbrook.
  • Mummies will be lurking the tombs in this destination, and they can curse Sims.
  • There are fewer sims in this destination than in Sunset Valley, Riverview, or Twinbrook.

Exclusive Items


Residential lots

Simhara town

Al Simhara centre

Inhabited lots

Vacation home lots

  • The Pomegranate House
  • The Acacia Palace
  • The Almond Tree House
  • The Lotus Oasis

Townie lots

  • The Fig Tree House (different lot, but with the same name as the Shalut household's lot)

Community lots


Simhara pyramids

The Pyramids

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Al Simhara contains a variety of tomb lots as well as tomb puzzles on non-tomb lots. Each major tomb in Al Simhara has a distinct relic named after it.




All Sims among these families have the Egyptian Culture hidden trait. NPCs generated in Al Simhara do not have this trait, instead they have the hidden trait connected to their job (eg. Pizza Appreciator for Pizza Delivery), and other Sims such as Explorers have no hidden traits at all.


We can assume that Al Simhara comes from a pun of the Sahara desert, which part of is located in Egypt. This occurs with the other World Adventures sub neighborhoods, Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims


thumb|left|300px|The music of Al Simhara, Egypt

Al Simhara images

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