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The Sims 3: Into the Future

Advanced Technology
Itlandm dreampod.jpg
A Sim sleeping in a dream pod

Advanced Technology skill icon.png

Advanced technology is a skill introduced in The Sims 3: Into the Future. As Sims build this skill, their ability to successfully use future-tech objects increases.

Sims can learn and increase advanced technology skill by using drink synthesizer, food synthesizer, dream pod, holo-computer, holo disc, jetpack, sonic shower and hoverboard. They can also take a Space Training Class at the Stellar observatory.


What will the Future hold? It's anyone's guess! Advanced Technology might appear daunting at first, but the Advanced Technology Skill will be gained at an accelerated rate while visiting the Future. With practice and patience, (Sim Name) will know how to use Advanced Technology like a pro! Novices will have the ability to change the Future on the Time Portal, program the Fruiti Bobs recipe into the Food Synthesizer, and unlock additional Dream Pod dreams.


  • Unique dream outcomes from the Dream Pod
  • Recipes programmed into the Food Synthesizer
  • Jetpack Flights
  • Sprites shared with the Holo Disc


Digital Dreamer

Dreams can have a profound effect on a Sim's day. Become a Digital Dreamer by having 50 unique dream outcomes and Dream Pod dreams will always begin with a Good Dream.


Being a digital chef isn't just about pressing a few buttons on a Food Synthesizer. It's about pressing a lot of buttons! Program a recipe onto 20 unique Food Synthesizers and you'll receive the ability to program Food Synthesizers to Improve Food Quality to Level 4!

Catch 'em All

Asking for a Sprite Form from others is a great way to increase your Sprite collection. Collect all 10 Sprites on the Holo Disc and receive an 11th Sprite!


Level Abilities Dream pod dreams
  • Fly Around, Fly to Community Lot and Fly to Residential Lot on the Jetpack
  • One random sprite for holo disc
  • Workout
  • Family
  • Public Speaking
  • Rushing Water
  • Social Situations
  • Program the Fruiti Bobs recipe on the Food Synthesizer
  • Change the Future on the almanac of time
  • Vacation
  • Advanced Technology
  • Career
  • Close Relationships
  • Co-Workers
  • Jetpack Kiss and Fly Around with Others on the Jetpack
  • Program Food Quality to Level 1 on the Food Synthesizer
  • Fun in the Water
  • Home Repairs
  • Romance
  • Strangers
  • The Futech Sprite for the Holo Disc
  • Program Sphere of Destiny Recipe on the Food Synthesizer
  • Being a Celebrity
  • Laughter
  • Logic
  • Sleeping with the Fishes
  • WooHoo on the Jetpack
  • Program Food Quality to Level 2 on the Food Synthesizer
  • Order and drink synthesized drinks on the Drink Synthesizer
  • Body Image
  • Dumb Luck
  • Generations
  • Painting
  • The Zigrid Sprite for the Holo Disc
  • Program Chocolate Mini Gnome Recipe on the Food Synthesizer
  • Opposite Personality
  • Animals
  • Cleaning Home
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Plumbot Construction
  • Slowdance on the Jetpack
  • Program Nutrition Cube Recipe on the Food Synthesizer
  • Heroism
  • Playing Guitar
  • Stage
  • The Chromec Sprite for the Holo Disc
  • Program Food Quality to Level 3 on the Food Synthesizer
  • Different Personality
  • Gardens
  • Supernatural
  • Wilderness
  • Waking Up
  • Program Statuesque Surprise Recipe on the Food Synthesizer
  • Happy Life
  • Weather
  • Improve Sonic Shower to Power Cleanse
  • Cooking a Meal
  • Food
  • Parties
  • Physical Feats
  • Riches
  • Reset Time Continuum from the Time Portal
  • Personal Finance
  • Future
  • Writing