Acquisition Butte from above
Acquisition Butte
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Acquisition Butte
Acquisition Butte Map
Name Acquisition Butte
World Oasis Springs
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Acquisition Butte is a wealthy neighborhood located in Oasis Springs. It has only two lots arranged across a single road, in the middle of desert canyons.

The homes are right in front one another creating a luxury lane, although with rather limited amenities, and a mostly rocky landscaping. This neighborhood is home of the influential millionaires, the Landgraabs.

Lots Edit

Affluista Mansion Edit

Affluista Mansion
Affluista Mansion High Quality
Lot type Residential
Value §197,347
Lot size 50x50
Number of floors 3
Occupants Landgraab family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 3
World Oasis Springs
Game The Sims 4

Affluista Mansion is right in front of Yuma Heights. This luxurious house is home of the Landgraab family. With three stories and filled with rooms, this mansion is complete with a massive front yard and backyard filled with the tallest palm trees and surrounded with tall fences.

Yuma HeightsEdit

Yuma Heights
Yuma Heights High Quality
Lot type Residential
Value §314,638
Lot size 40x30
Number of floors 3
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
World Oasis Springs
Game The Sims 4

Yuma Heights is the only other lot in Acquisition Butte. Unlike Affluista Mansion, this lot is uninhabited, but nevertheless it is also furnished luxuriously with and appears to be designed for a large, wealthy family.

Neighborhood amenities Edit


Forgotten Grotto entrance

This neighborhood has rather small amenities, solely consisting of the areas around the two lots and a single strip of land where plants can be harvested and an abandoned mine can be found, being one of the ways into the Forgotten Grotto, the secret lot of the neighborhood.

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