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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims 2: University

Académie Le Tour
Academie Le Tour1.png
Académie Le Tour prides itself on its careful balance of old traditions and new ideas. With a spacious campus and world renowned professors in every classroom, what more could a Sim want?
Name Académie Le Tour
Game The Sims 2 University Icon.png The Sims 2: University

Académie Le Tour (French pronunciation /akademi lə tuʁ/) is a sub-neighborhood that appears in The Sims 2: University as a college. It is the only college that does not start with fraternities or sororities. Players often pair this college with Veronaville.


Residential lots[]




Community lots[]


Overhead shot of Académie Le Tour.

Playable families[]

Mitch Indie, Max Flexor
Mitch and Max met the first day of school and struck up a friendship. What will they discover now that they've moved out of the dorms and are on their own?
Delilah O'Feefe
Delilah enjoys the peace and quiet that living alone offers and moved into her own house as soon as she was able. Who wants to deal with the drama of "roommates"?
Roxie Sharpe, Edwin Sharpe, Jonah Powers
Nothing is worse than having a dorky brother, except maybe having a dorky brother live with you at school! Can Roxie and Edwin create some house rules and get along, or will Roxie have to choose between her boyfriend and her brother to keep the peace?

Family bin families[]

Marla Biggs
Quiet and unassuming, Marla finds it easy to get lost in the background. Will living in the dorms help her break out of her shell?
Phineaus Furley, Ellen Frost, Chaz Whippler
How did three of the most colorful characters on campus end up in the same dormitory? The luck of the draw, perhaps, but it almost guarantees an interesting school year.
Emily Lee, Tom Freshe
While both of these students are quite serious about their studies, will it be possible for them to excel at having fun, too?

Townies and NPCs[]

These townies have their names randomized when the sub-neighborhood is created. Their names are only referenced in the game files.




  • Although Veronaville is the ideal neighborhood for Académie Le Tour, there is no connection to Shakespeare other than the Globe Amphitheater, nor is there a connection to the Capps or the Montys.
  • This college was also used in IGN's Tutorial for University.
  • There is a residential lot in Champs Les Sims called Le Tour Tower, suggesting some connection between the French town and the university.
  • Académie Le Tour's street names all relate to pastries, mostly of European cuisine.