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Pollination Tech 8
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Pollination Tech 8
Sex Masculin
Varsta CAS Human icon Adult
Stare de viata Alien Extraterestru
Educatie si Angajament
20px Drill Instructor
Zodie  Libra
Aspiratie 22px Popularity
Turn ons
Format:GetChemistryImage Fitness


Format:GetChemistryImage Black Hair


Turn off Format:GetChemistryImage Fatness


Culoarea Parului 20px Black
Culoarea Ochilor 20px Black
Culoarea Pielii 20px Green
Forma Corpului Fit Fit
Other Information
Joc The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Jucabilitate Jucabil
Cartier Strangetown
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Pollination Tech 8 was sent by the alien civilisation for a mission on Earth. He is an alien impregnation Technician. His mission is to impregnate sims with alien DNA or any other strange DNA. Pollination Tech 8 is not the only STRANGE sim from the Town.

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