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The Mother Plant.

Mother Plant, also referred to as Mother, is a deadly plant and final boss in The Sims 4: StrangerVille.


Mother is a powerful plant resting in an underground laboratory. The plant is the main cause of StrangerVille's "strangeness," as she creates Bizarre fruit and other objects that cause infections and possess local Sims.


Upon meeting the Mother, Sims can team up and fight it using various chemicals. The Mother will try to defend herself and attack those Sims in return. The Sim who ordered the attack also controls the battle strategy. If the battle is unsuccessful, the attack leader will be picked up by the Mother's tentacle and eaten.


Upon killing the Mother, StrangerVille will be freed from infectious plants. The Mother can, however be revived by taking Bizarre fruit to her corpse.


It is possible for a Sim to befriend the Mother by attempting to communicate with her multiple times. The relationship between Sim and the Mother will always start deep in the negatives, but talking will raise the relationship slightly.

Upon raising relationship to neutral, Sims may request a Bizarre fruit from the Mother.

Upon befriending with the Mother, sim may request a gift from her, including expanding lifetime, getting some money, or building up skills. The Mother can fulfill one wish per day

If the relationship is high enough, sim can also use her to control the infection around the StrangerVille, including disabling it completely.

Possessed Sims can build relationship with the Mother much faster.


  • The Mother herself can be bought in build/buy menu with bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.
  • This is the third plant in the Sims series which can consume a Sim, with the first being Mutant plant, and second being Laganaphyllis simnovorii (also known as the "Cowplant").


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